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The PodcastSummit makes an essential conference experience scalable. The active exchange of ideas/discourse is promoted. In addition, the format offers the opportunity to learn more from interesting speakers – beyond their presentations and without a time limit. 

We bring people together who, in spite of all the possibilities, would probably never have exchanged ideas. In addition, the interaction with viewers is to be increased. In a way, you get the opportunity to help shape the PodcastSummit.

Let’s come together. Seriously.

Pretty much nobody fills out contact forms. We know that. If the page doesn’t provide all the information you require, you’d search elsewhere or do without it. Eventually, you might subscribe to unwanted newsletters or your message doesn’t even arrive.

However, the entire project revolves around participation and exchange. Accordingly, we want to start dialogues. Real dialogues. This is the only way to create synergies which everyone benefits from. So, let’s come together and talk about your ideas. Seriously.

Marcus Schult

Author | Host

Luna Vega

Author | Host

Benjamin Cromme

Author | Host

Some of our work

Altice Arena & FIL

Once again the Web Summit will take place in Lisbon. To be more precise, at the Altice Arena & FIL. This is where the founders and CEOs of technology companies, fast-growing start-ups, politicians and heads of state meet. And we’re on the spot, where else should we be? All podcasts are recorded directly on or near the premises.